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Laser Dentistry
Hard Tissue Laser

What is Laser Dentistry?

The Erbium YAG dental laser is a pulsed light that provides pinpoint accuracy to gently remove decay without the need for anesthesia or the drill in most cases.

The ErYAG dental laser helps sterilize as it works and is less traumatic to the tooth than the drill. Bond strengths of white fillings to the tooth are also improved by 50% over conventional techniques.

All this enables the patient to walk out of the office without a numb mouth and with a tooth-colored filling that can be chewed on immediately.

Some of the procedures that the laser can do are:

  • Decay removal and cavity preparation without numbing the patient
  • Reshape gummy smiles
  • General soft tissue procedures.
  • Sterilization of root canals.

Go from the dental chair to lunch or do a business presentation without a lopsided smile - Amazing - our patients love it!


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